James King has been a tattoo artist for over 10 years, and co-owns the tattoo studio Inklectic in North London. He is also an artist, having recently joining Beautiful Crime gallery. He has been inking a huge variety of tattoos on people, widely varying in style, subject matter and concept, resulting in him building an established name for himself. He also fronted an art-meets-ink project and pop up tattoo parlour ‘Illuminated Ink’ with technology brand, Lenovo.

He has an incredible talent for photorealist portraits. Beautiful Crime recently took him on board to see his hand-drawn portrait work flourish on paper and canvas. Using mainly pencil, James creates sensational portraits in black and white or colour, along with his own signature embellishments, ink marks or hand-drawn splatters which lift the portrait out of its set frame, making it entirely unique to other photorealist artists.

James King’s is a promising and rare talent to both the main art and commercial art scene fusing his undeniable skill as a tattoo artist, with his photorealist talent as an artist.


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