John Graham is a British sculptor based in Muswell Hill, London, and a promising new talent on the contemporary sculpture scene. Self-taught, his thirty year career in architecture led him to sculpture, with the Möbius strip then becoming the starting point for the creation of each piece. John’s sculptures have a fluidity and continuity that deliver to the viewer’s eye, a seamless experience of his work. John works mainly in bronze, a material preferred for its hypnotic reflectivity and its play with light. the sculptures have the ability to freeze frame the fluidity of movement and immortalise it, as though caught in mid-dance, whilst inviting to the viewer to engage with it both aesthetically and viscerally.

For John, the single surface being both inside and outside, it means that in any piece there are no firm directions such as up/down, back/front and left/right.  The viewer is encouraged to see its top as its bottom and vice versa. The bounce of light on each sculpture is often hypnotic, and lends itself well to the organic and oceanic nature of the works. Several art collectors have likened his sculptures to 3D versions of paintings by Georgia O’Keefe.


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