Photo credit: Emily Paxton


Highly successful artist Pam Glew has had an incredible career with her unique bleaching technique on vintage fabric and flags.  A highly collectible artist, her work has been exhibited all over the world and is influenced by subject matter as varied as world politics, national identity, pop and contemporary culture. Pam has also donated works to numerous charity shows and has collaborated with a number of brands including Armani, Ralph Lauren, MTV and Pepe Jeans. 

Her portraits of people and iconic faces from the worlds of music, film, theatre and art have been exhibited alongside the works of Banksy, Peter Blake and Damien Hirst.  Pam has been part of the Beautiful Crime platform since the early days, and has also donated works to numerous charity auctions. She has previously joined forces with highly regarded photographer Terry O’Neill and the former Rolling Stones’ bass player, Bill Wyman, and is a well known name on the global art scene.

Beautiful Crime & Pam Glew – the latest:

We are pleased to bring you ‘Warhol’, an artwork on a US flag, specially created by Pam exclusively for Beautiful Crime. ‘Warhol’ is currently available on Pam’s Beautiful Crime gallery page.

Beautiful Crime MD Liam West co-produced Circus, a solo show by Pam Glew held at Red Bull Studios in 2011 – a long time after he first met Pam when she was selling her works for a small fraction of what they sell for now.


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