Stefan Sieler is an exceptional photographer who has firmly secured his place in the fashion and portraiture scenes within Photography. Channeling his unique and creative vision in to every photograph he takes, Stefan has a superlative talent of making his subject instantly feel at ease. Starting from the moment he received a 1st class honours degree in Photography and over the course of his photographic career which spans seven years, Stefan has accumulated a significant amount of high end fashion shoots and iconic names to his rosta.  Brands include Manolo Blahnik and Lulu Guinness amongst many others, with famous faces he’s shot including Ray Winstone and Daryl Hannah.

Stefan is now blending his carefully carved skill set in photography, art direction and lighting design in to the fine art photography scene, often mixing the surreal with the real, the real with the unreal and the urban landscape with the cultural landscape.

“I take elements of surrealism, saturation and symmetry and inject them in to my work across music, fashion, portraiture and still life.”

To see all of Stefan’s available works, please visit his gallery page.


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