Hazel Hurley’s photography captures through her own unique imagination, themes of youth, femininity and trauma. References to voyeurism are consistent throughout her projects, something that has become more common in popular culture through the rising use of social media – a place where Hazel finds inspiration to create these contemporary works of art. Using her technical photographic skills recently developed at Goldsmiths in London, she situates the viewer in a position where they are looking, watching or observing. Through this, Hazel questions and explores different perspectives of the female body, including that of the male gaze and also how women view other women. She uses natural surroundings as well as man-made materials to enhance or distort how the body is seen and viewed.

As a young, emerging artist, Hazel has already participated in a variety of exhibitions including shows at Henley Festival, Café Royal and Freud Bar. She graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2016 with a degree in Media & Communications, specialising in Photography.

Hazel currently splits her time between her studio in Buckinghamshire and developing her career in Los Angeles.


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