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Supersuits – Beth Cullen-Kerridge

28th – 31st October 2015, at Gallery Different, Fitzrovia, London

Supersuits marks Beth’s first ever solo exhibition with Beautiful Crime since joining us at the beginning of 2015. The suit, shirt and tiehave become key emblems in her work as she explores their connotations – from money and hard work, to conformity and leadership – timeless themes reign. Beth’s newest body of monumental marble and bronze sculptures call to attention the epidemic battle of the corporate fight against creativity while also offering a visual commentary on the nature of power and signifer of the suit as predominantly male.

Beth forged a successful career as a foundry assistant producing works for a roster of important artists including Paolozzi, Frink and Giacometti, then continuing to assist the likes of renowned sculptors like Michael Bolus and Sir Anthony Caro. For Caro, Beth worked on numerous major projects including collections for the Tate and the Venice Biennale.

As the wife and business partner of celebrated chef, Tom Kerridge, Beth has played an integral part in helping her husband shape his vision for their public house and restaurant, The Hand and Flowers. After putting her own career on hold, Beth has returned to her calling of artistry, her natural and distinctive path. Wielding her tools as a weapon against the difficulties faced at the serried ranks of the bureaucrats and the money men who so frequently stood in the path of both her husband’s and her own success, Beth portrays the ‘Faceless Suits’ and their lackadaisical attitude towards growth and the potential for change.

Supersuits - Beth Cullen-Kerridge_1
Supersuits - Beth Cullen-Kerridge_2
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