So any print will be a small item, and can have £7 UK, £11 Europe, £19 International


To celebrate the 20 anniversary of Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall, Beautiful Crime and artist Russell Marshall teamed up with Cirque du Soleil to produce a stunning exhibition of screen prints featuring scenes from previous shows since 1996. They graced the walls of the Royal Albert Hall for all to see, in time with Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna, in January 2016.

Liam West of Beautiful Crime comments that, “Beautiful Crime is exceptionally pleased to be working with Cirque du Soleil on this project to mark their 20th anniversary. It’s a fantastic way to mesh two areas of the Arts, and fuelled so brilliantly by the talents of artist Russell Marshall. The results are stunning and not only offer a wonderful insight in to the narrative of Cirque du Soleil since it’s birth in 1996, but what better building to exhibit them than the Royal Albert Hall, which has been home to Cirque du Soleil many times.”

Artist, Russell Marshall: “The Cirque du Soleil dancers and performers have such a huge amount of talent and artistic skill, it’s really great to be able to turn what they bring to life in to limited edition art. Using my signature traditional CMYK colour palette, I’ve captured the essence of Cirque du Soleil, working from the incredible photography of Christie Goodwin and Andy Paradise.”


Cirque du Soleil_
Cirque du Soleil_2
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