So any print will be a small item, and can have £7 UK, £11 Europe, £19 International

Beautiful Crime gallery presents… For the Love of London

An affordable art exhibition inspired by the seductive city that us Londoners
just can’t get enough of.

11th – 30th September 2015

With summer slowly fading from the city, Beautiful Crime played tribute to the seductive tug of London’s vibrant and tireless culture with a series of affordable prints and original art inspired entirely by our love of London.

16 artists from Beautiful Crime gallery explored what is it about the Big Smoke that makes us Londoners love it so much.  In a mixture of affordable prints, paintings, illustrations, photographic works and sculpture, created by both emerging and established artists – each piece will highlight the icons and faces that have made London one of the most exciting cities in the world. Depicting elements of its familiar skylines, landmarks and motifs, from Brick Lane to Big Ben, ‘For the Love of London’ celebrated the capital and illuminated the way in which it seduces all not only those who live in and around it, but those who seek it’s beauty from all corners of the globe.

Also depicted are the characters that cross its roads every day – including the city workers in their suits and the urban hippies.  Exhibiting artists include Pam Glew, Carne Griffiths, Wildcat Will, Michael Forbes, Hannah Adamaszek, Saroj Patel, Day-z, Agent X, Paul Cummings, LOX, Stefan Sieler, Matt Mackman, NME, Pascal Barker, Pat Riot and Ruth Fox.

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