Michael Bael is a self-taught artist from the North East of England. His work translates an often haunting yet beautiful visualisation of the human form that complement with subtle hues and delicate organic lines and contours.

After multiple solo shows and group exhibitions in the UK showcasing his stark and haunting figurative paintings, his work has found its own place on the international art scene and has a dedicated following. With influences ranging from artists like Egon Schiele, Austrian Expressionism, Art Nouveau and Japanese Anime, Bael’s works achieve a truly unique visual and signature style. Bael himself sums it up: “My work is about capturing human emotion and form with a sense of simplicity, to express something complex, in as few words as possible.”

This year Bael is also releasing his own book titled ‘She’, which will be a 70 page hardcover collection of his female studies from the last couple of years.