A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Day-z uses a pencil to create life-life and intricate drawings, meshed with collage. Breathing photo-realist life in to old icons of decades past, or injecting depth in to otherwise every-day images of women in the mass media, influences such as Cindy Sherman and Alison Jackson resonate throughout Day-z’s work, as she blends the themes of consumerism and advertising in to her work.

Day-z also explores the way in which the ever-invasive worlds of fashion and global brands intrude our lives, with another key topic highlighting male vs female portrayals in and by the mass media. She will often pinpoint with fine accurate pencil detail, “the submissive, seductive and silent woman” (such as See No Evil – top left above). Day-z was also selected to enter the Derwent Art Prize in 2014, winning the ‘People’s Choice Award.’