Beautiful Crime has worked closely with Fin DAC since the beginning of his career, who has accumulating a huge following by art fans and fellow artists alike since he started.  Armed with an insatiable skill for stencilling and a fine free-hand spraying technique, Fin DAC creates work in such a remarkable way, that many of his works look as if they are paintings or drawings, as he achieves a depth and tone with a spray can that most cannot. He is known for his Asian female portraits which take the lead subject matter in his murals across the World and on canvas and paper.  Fin DAC’s solo show in 2010 with Beautiful Crime, ‘Hendrix: Still Reigning, Still Dreaming’ was the initial kickstart to what has become a hugely successful career.

With many of his prints selling out each time a new print is released, it is no surprise to see Fin DAC’s name associated so credibly within the urban and modern contemporary art scenes. His murals abroad have attracted large crowds, with Fin DAC’s murals and activity even responsible for starting urban art movements amongst the younger generations within cities such as Bogota.  Countries Fin DAC has painted murals in are Brazil, France, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, USA (Miami, NY, LA, Palm Springs, Denver, Minneapolis and Coachella Valley), Germany, Italy, Holland and Ireland.