Matt mackman


Matt Mackman’s paintings use marble dust from a grave stone engraver to reflect a sense of mortality. Matt combines elements in this way to produce multi-layered and rich-textured work that invites the viewer to look closer… and then closer still. Graffiti, journals, diaries and popular culture are all referenced in the collection. Slick advertising campaigns are altered, logos distorted, meaning is changed, to challenge preconceived ideas of beauty, and the impermanence of the physical form.

Matt intends to take the viewer on a dreamlike journey through the collection of paintings: at times feeling comforted and uplifted by familiar forms – partly because of the existing content and imagery used, whilst at other times feeling a sense of unease or discomfort. Beauty and decay. Life and death. Light and dark. Dreams and nightmares. These are the things that keep Matt awake (and painting) at night.

His collage work has developed most recently to include neon artworks that pay homage to some of music’s most loved lyrics, with a backdrop that mimic the band and the mode of the chosen song.