Urban contemporary artist Matt Roe brings ink to his first series of works for Beautiful Crime. This new series consists of several hand customised busts of the Greek God, Apollo. Across each of these works, phrases and symbols from ancient mythology are hand written in black ink across bone-white resin busts.

These works juxtapose classical historical mythology with imagery and pictograms borrowed from contemporary urban culture. Roe has chosen Apollo, the god of the arts, as a means to explore his fascination with referencing symbols of art history and applying new approaches in his own signature style.

Each bust is unique, and provides the owner with a chance to acquire an individual piece of artwork that forms part of this limited series.

Matt was born in Ascot and studied art followed by fashion design at University for the Creative Arts. In 2009 he began his self-taught career as a bespoke tattoo artist with a wide reaching International client list. He currently dedicates half of his time to bespoke tattoo art and the other half to his own distinct style of urban contemporary art.