William Blanchard aka Wildcat Will initially abandoned his art path for rock ’n’ roll to work with a number of bands including Jamiroquai, Shakespeare’s Sister, Beth Orton and Death in Vegas for almost two decades. Throughout this time, Blanchard occasionally  took short breaks from the gruelling world tours in which he would often seek new experiences to cure his boredom in finding work on building sites. During one of those periods, he formed a friendship with a co-worker, the now-internationally famous street artist Ben Eine, who was daubing illegally on the streets of London. Drawn into the sub-culture of grafitti art in a world that was slightly gritty and dirty, Blanchard became inspired by the artists who would use the street as their canvas.

Though Blanchard remains grateful to street art for it’s rebellious figureheads, uncensored punk-nature and having steered him back towards his craft, he has always avoided leaping onto the bandwagon. As a non-conformist artist, Will has developed his signature hand in the combining of surreal assemblages with pop culture. Creating collage pieces from textures and materials, Blanchard had always been interested in painting, graphics and typography but creating his own artistic language has been his focus. With a hoarding gene inherited from his father, Blanchard produces multidisciplinary art from a vast personal museum of objects and memorabilia collected from his childhood through to his adult years. Blanchard explains, “My art is full of my influences, it’s a language that is personal to me.”