Willkay’s natural flair for creativity is illustrated in a number of his works which comprises of contemporary modern day art and which reflects his life, environment and character. He possesses a unique eye for detail, often stepping outside of his comfort zone when creating new work.

Having worked with a number of leading brands such as BBC, Adidas, Converse, G-Star, Vitamin water, and G- Shock. Willkay combines a number of mediums including photography, illustration, and graphic design, crafting them to create pieces that are charming, intricate and unique. With this retrospective, Willkay presents some of his better-known work as a contribution to the world of creativity.

Much of his work is lighthearted, playful and brightly lit with a sassy palette of colours. An illustrator and digital artist who’s bright outlook on multiple subject matter has made him popular with the younger generation of art buyers.