Beautiful Crime is the official art partner for the Anderson Foundation, a fundraising organisation established in 2003 by Founder, Mark Anderson, with the aim to raise substantial donations for a range of charities in the UK, and most notably for a project with the National Autistic Society, for which they are undertaking the delivery of a £15 million specialist education centre in Chigwell, set to open September of this year.

Over the past five years, Beautiful Crime is proud to say we have raised over £250,000 for the Anderson Foundation through an eclectic mix of art auctions at its bi-annual charity balls. Even more of a wow-factor, is that the Foundation itself has raised over £3million for various charities across the UK including NSPCC, Help for Heroes and Breast Cancer Research, as well as National Autistic Society.

The school has already gained interest across the UK and Europe for it’s unique facilities and learning environments, created for sports, science’s, arts, crafts, play and dining. Through the hard work and dedication of the Anderson Foundation, Mark Anderson’s ambitious goal to make a difference to the lives of children and families affected by the challenges of Autism is about to be achieved.

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