’40’ – A Kate Moss Retrospective

January 2014

Artist Russell Marshall’s debut solo show with Beautiful Crime celebrated one of the most photographed and alluring icons of our time and caught the media’s attention from Vogue, Telegraph and Evening Standard to publications all over the world including Russia, Chile, Korea and Japan.  Famous for his iconic mug shots, Marshall turned rare images of the model into a visual narrative of stunning 2-colour screen-printed canvases and prints, with ten image / canvases coming in ten different colour-ways, thus creating 100 entirely unique artworks.

The opening of the exhibition coincided with the model’s 40th birthday and marked her 25-year career.

Along with a plethora of famous quotes from Moss (such as “never complain, never explain” and a summary of her life story dotted about the walls of the Imitate Modern gallery,  the exhibition demonstrated her enduring appeal as one of the most famous women in fashion and the public eye.

The exhibition took viewers on a journey of ‘Kate Moss culture’ by which we as an audience have been heavily captivated.

To see more of Russell Marshall’s works including some of the Kate Moss prints and canvases featured here, please visit his gallery page.