We are pleased to introduce you to several artists new to the Beautiful Crime Gallery.


Ellwood Daniels is an emerging artist who uses a unique, self-devised process to create his artwork. Using a scalpel, he carefully carves away layers of material to reveal his intricate designs. What’s fascinating about Daniels’ process is in this removal of a medium as opposed to the more traditional application of one.

Using the representation of factual ideas – life, nature and structure – and throwing them into an abstract form, Daniel embraces the apparent limitations of a black surface. To see more of Ellwood Daniels works, please click here


rock & roll ellwood


Hazel Hurley is an up and coming fine art photographer, recently graduated from Goldsmiths University. Hurley’s photography captures through her own unique imagination, themes of youth, femininity and trauma.

She questions and explores different perspectives of the female body, including that of the male gaze and also how women view other women. She also uses natural surroundings as well as man-made materials to enhance or distort how the body is seen and viewed. To see more of Hazel Hurley’s works, please click here

hazel hurley halycon


Having been an artist for the past 20 years, David Studwell has become known for his bold pop art prints of loveable icons, particularly those from the swinging sixties and seventies era’s. His collectors include the likes of Kate Moss and Nile Rogers.

Generating a strong sense of nostalgia, Studwell reinvents classic and timeless images through an evolved creative process that incorporates bold and vivid colours, highlighting his influences of Pop Art, popular culture and cult movies. To see more of Daniel Studwell’s works, please click here


audrey hepburn 1 website




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