SOUNDWAVE SESSIONS with Cambridge Audio

Featuring the audio soundwave of ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles 

Are you a music and/or art fan? And do you love art featuring The Beatles? (who doesn’t?!) Beautiful Crime have teamed up with Cambridge Audio to create the Soundwave Sessions, a new event where art, live music and culture collide, to celebrate the award-winning audio brand’s 50th anniversary. The event is on 1st March at their live music venue Melomania in London, SE1, and you can win tickets to attend it. Read on below….

For the Sessions, Beautiful Crime artist, Wildcat Will has created an incredible new artwork (available as limited edition prints at £195 on 2nd March) inspired by ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles, and – get this – featuring the soundwave of the song.  The original artwork will go in to an auction on our website on 2nd March to raise money for our charity partner for the event, Teenage Cancer Trust. Limited edition prints will also be available On the night there will also be a performance from British talent, psychedelic rock singer/songwriter Steven Young.


Below is the soundwave of The Beatles’ song, ‘Revolution’ which will feature in the artwork by Beautiful Crime artist Wildcat Will.




















Artist Wildcat Will (left ©Spiros Politis) and Musician Steven Young (right ©Mike Smalley).


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