Beautiful Crime attended the fantastic exhibition ‘From Life’ at the Royal Academy of Arts, where we were introduced to the innovative new show by Artist and Educator Grace Adams. Featuring astounding works made ‘from life’ such as a portrait by the late Lucien Freud and a large scale painting by Jenny Saville, the exhibition offered a visually stunning take of artworks made by masters in field the life drawing.

The exhibition explores the relationship between this integral art form, often used as an elemental part of the learning process in art, and how artists have reacted with it as well as possible new ways of interpretation. Gillian Wearing, a key figure in contemporary art has already redefined the self-portrait in her previous works through intricate transformations. In ‘Rock and Roll Wallpaper’ the artist uses new digital technology to produce multiple different looks of her future self, depending on her possible lifestyle choices.

We also saw new work by artist Jonathan Yeo who has been reinventing his self-portraits through the use of virtual reality. Using cutting-edge 3D scanning technology and Tilt Brush by Google, he created a virtual self-portrait which he then printed into a four-part sculpture and turned into a mould. He then made the final sculpture using bronze material, making Yeo’s his self-portrait even more interesting as the traditional medium further contrasts the contemporary production process and futuristic way of creating art.

Last year, Beautiful Crime Agency worked with three artists to produce 3D created artworks using Tilt Brush technology for House of Peroni audiences. Audience members could explore their artworks in a virtual space and create their own downloadable 3D artworks. Below is Beautiful Crime artist Carne Griffiths using Tilt Brush. For more information on this project, head to our agency website at

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